2015 Computer Buying Guide

The latest guidance towards purchasing a new computer, for yourself or others, for Christmas or just for general usage.  Updated twice a year, this is the latest in details for you!

This includes more details than what’s on the broadcast from December 12th, and covers many purchase decisions.  Not the final word, however, and we encourage you to contact us and ask questions!

The Guide

Windows 10 Notes

Windows 10 has arrived, and is free.  Wait a few weeks, if you can, but if you can’t, here’s some important links and notes for you!

Tips and Tricks

Actual Radio Broadcast

Broadcast on 9 standard terrestrial broadcast stations, scattered across this great land.  Some commercial, some religious, and some public radio.  It’s not always the same in each market, but it’s always informative.

Weekly Podcast

Each week, this 90 minute podcast includes all of the content that is sent to the standard broadcast stations.  Special broadcasts will also mention this podcast so that all listeners have the chance to stay informed on major topics.  Click here…

The Nerdcast

Reaching out to the nerdier topics, this show promises to be interesting, exciting, and fun.  Whether exploring the nerd side of entertainment, or talking about greater intricacies of technology, it is a window into nerd pursuits.  Click here…

Contact anyone on the team!

I suppose you might have a question or two.  This is your chance to connect with us, inform us, but also gain the answers to your burning questions pertaining to computers and technology.  We’re a bunch of nerds who have a passion for helping others.  We truly, and genuinely wish to help you understand your computer better, so please do take the time to let us know how we can help you.


More About Computer Talk Radio

Computer Talk Radio brings nerds to your actual radio each week, with Benjamin Rockwell leading the team of computer and technology experts.  In a given week on the radio show, you may hear news and interviews; information on tips, tricks, and gadgets; answering your questions; or perhaps just a bit of experience from the technology world.  In some markets, you may find that there is even more available on the podcast.  Additionally, we have the bonus item that helps you learn more about the fascinations that nerds have with computers, entertainment, and more.  Further, Computer Talk Radio works to maintain material that is perfectly clean for the whole family.

Each of the experts on the show have their own specialty fields.  Steve Keske handles Seniors, Disability,Military, History, and Gadgets.  Jesse Peloski is the go-to guy for Small Office, and Business, as well as Music and Gaming.  Deb Shadovitz brings things like Eco, Tech and Travel, and Apple experience.  Keith M. Sedor is our newest addition, as a daily Apple Consultant, but a Car guy as well.

Years broadcasting

Minutes each week

Reasons to not listen

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