Top Things not to do on the Internet… ever!

The Internet is a crazy place, full of potholes, maniacs, bad guys, and folks who are out to do one thing… separate you from your cold hard cash.  These are the Top Items that you must avoid doing on the Internet…

  1. Never buy merchandise found in pop up ads or spam.
    • Encourages the spammers and this ilk to continue socially unacceptable means to sell
    • The spammers aren’t always legitimate, and may abscond with your money.
    • Doesn’t count, of course, with previously established relationships… but double check for false “acceptable spam” from third parties pretending to be someone else…
  2. Don’t post your e-mail address, phone number, address or social security number on the internet.
    • E-mail address…  going to get spam…
    • Phone number… do you really want phone calls in the middle of the night?
    • Address…  How many people are on the Internet?  With your home address?
    • Social Security Number…  We have enough problems with them guessing it…
  3. Don’t forget to update your windows sometime after every second tuesday (Microsoft Patch Tuesday.)
    • Patch Tuesday is important…  need to make sure things are running OK elsewhere, but other than that, feel free to update.  Automatic updates are even better in my book.
  4. Never connect to the internet without installing an antivirus.
    • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and more…  it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Never connect to the internet without first installing a firewall.
    • The firewall is just like the antivirus software.   It’s a measure of protection.
    • Think of it as a bouncer, letting only the proper information through.
  6. Never enter private info without seeing the tiny padlock icon on the status bar of your browser, or a green browser address bar.
    • That indicates that it’s a secure session with the folks taking your information!
  7. Don’t reply to those e-mails from the nigerian banker and other phishing scams.
    • Not even to mess with their minds…  it’s not worth your time and hassle.
  8. Just say no to forwarding chain letters to your friends and family.
    • OK, forward the funny stuff once in a while, or even modify the chain letter to merely pass along the interesting story… but “you’re going to have no friends if you don’t…” is just amazingly crass, bad, and obnoxious.
    • This includes the ones that say you don’t love Jesus and you are doomed to eternal destruction if you don’t pass them along…  it’s scripturally unsound.
  9. Never use the word “password” as your password, and never use your birthday or the names of your children or pets.
    • If someone can guess your password, then you’re vulnerable…
  10. Never set up a wireless network using the default settings for your wireless router’s name and password.
    • Change them now…  change all of your passwords often.  It’s for your safety!

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