Benny Rockwell, The Gamer,  lamented over the increase in, and rising cost of, gaming subscription services.  Deb Schadovitz introduced us to fabulous green power strips.

Benjamin Rockwell, user-friendly computer nerd, explained how to create a strong password.  Also, did you know that many businesses are researching prospective employees on the social media sites?  Benjamin helps you learn how to be more marketable.  In addition, Benjamin talked about the annual hacker’s convention.   Our resident White Hat, Benjamin, gave sage advice about how to protect yourself from the bad guys, Black Hats, out there.

Tony had a question about his computer turning on at odd points.   Sammy wanted to know if someone can really be tracked through something like cell phone or GPS.

Benjamin discussed the fact that Gizmodo will not be officially charged, and that the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation is working to shut down the social media accounts of inmates.  Benjamin commented on the statistics that suggest the use of social media sites encourages an addiction to smart phones.  Also, Benjamin looked into the controversy over tethering.  

It’s A Changing World – Recent news events have highlighted the darker side to the possibilities that social media brings to society.