Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting October 1st, 2011. Facebook has privacy issues? Yep, and Benjamin opens up with that right away, followed by the announcement of Amazon’s new Kindles, burglars using Google Maps, and hacking voting machines. Benny joined in next with his favorite free iOS games and other apps, then Benjamin and Benny discussed the Facebook and Google+ advancements, and how that might increase Google+ popularity. Deb Shadovitz was next, mentioning problems with USB cords, and taking notes on the road. Benjamin answered a listener question, and then Steve chimed in about (the Vietnam Memorial online website). Benjamin closes out with a commentary about Kindle history, but also the suggestion to wait a week before jumping, just as a precaution.

While the player below includes our PRX broadcast, the podcast for this week in the RSS feed in the right column, includes 3 more segments that went to some of our other stations across the country.