Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting October 29th, 2011. Benjamin Rockwell opened with a number of news articles, including the National Security Agency helping bankers, a Congressional bill to go after all kinds of websites with copyrighted material, the National Emergency Alert System test coming on November 9th, and more. Marian Merrit, an on-line safety advocate with Symantec, returned with some scary news about Halloween scams and Internet poisoning that you don’t want to deal with. Benny Rockwell then posed questions for his dad in regards to his favorite video games over the years. Benjamin then gave tips on stretching the life of your laptop or desktop computer. Deb Shadovitz answered a question regarding Zip files on the Mac OS, and Steve then covered Lasik surgery. Benjamin then closed with comments on the unfortunate news on Netflix’s fiscal direction

While the player below includes our PRX broadcast, the podcast for this week in the RSS feed in the right column, includes 3 more segments that went to some of our other stations across the country.