Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting November 26th, 2011. Benjamin Rockwell opened with news regarding Chattanooga, TN’s Gigabit internet speeds, a baker mad at themselves over their Groupon mistake, the Nook tablet tear down, and the development of a lie detector for the Internet. Benjamin then moved into some of the nasty things that retailers did for Black Friday to separate you from your money. Benny talked about the 10th anniversary of the XBox, and gaming in general, and then Benjamin answered a listener question. Deb Shadovitz covered a Mac topic this week, all about the Dock in Mac OSX. Benjamin closed out with comments on the latest start of an attack on privacy, tracking your phones as you are shopping in malls.

While the player below includes our PRX broadcast, the podcast for this week in the RSS feed in the right column, includes 3 more segments that went to some of our other stations across the country.