Yep, I gave the message at my church.  I even opened with “Hi, my name is Benjamin, and I’m a nerd”.  Of course!

Computer Talk Radio is not a show on religion.  Computer Talk Radio is played on a variety of stations across the country, including some Christian stations.   I still, however, did give a sermon, and some people have asked to get a copy of the audio from the sermon.   I figured that I would be remiss in not placing the audio up for other people who have listened to my show over the years.

The message is about proselytizing, or basically, sharing my life and Christianity with other people.  It’s a quick story of a personal experience that I had with sharing with someone who has become a very close and dear friend.  I place it here for your listening pleasure.

Note:  The file is about 55 Megs in size, and may take a while to download.  Try right-clicking, and choosing Save Target As…