PRX Notes:  Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 9th, 2012. Benny Rockwell takes over the show for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with Benjamin Rockwell along for the ride. This weeks show opens with Benny and Benjamin driving to downtown Los Angeles, and Benny giving some heads up on what would be expected. Benny continues with an interview of Mionix, one of the leading mouse and keyboard manufacturers for gamers. Next up, Benny talks to John from the Video Game History Museum and the Classic Gaming Expo, then Debbi from “Into The Pixel“, an exhibit of art that is based on video games. Ethan then is interviewed on Gree, a new (to the U.S.) social gaming network, revolving around gaming with your friends. Benny stops for a moment to comment on Hybrid, a new 3rd Person shooter from Microsoft. Then Benny covers Rekoil with Jason from Plastic Piranha, a new 1st person shooter that will be heavily modifiable, including maps, and more. Closing out the show, Benny and Benjamin drive home with the thoughts of how E3 looked this year.

Additional segments on commercial stations and our podcast include Pro Vs. GI Joe, and 3 active duty Air Force personnel from March Air Force Base (Thank you again, from all of the team at Computer Talk Radio, for your service).  Aurasma follows that, which is a great little Augmented Reality (AR) tool (quick note, if you download the app, grab a $20 bill, and use Aurasma to look at the reverse side of the bill (where the White House is)).  Benny then interviews Kimberly from Blocksworld, a new building game for the iPad and soon to be on other platforms.  Mikee from covers the edgy website built around the basic truth that Christians are JUST LIKE YOU!  There’s so much more to this website than you might think, on both sides of the church door.