Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting November 10th, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, the friendly nerd, opens with the latest news of computers and technology, including a slight bit of election notes, Internet data usage (and Netflix’s 33% share), Microsoft Office for iOS and Android, and more. Benjamin then spends a few minutes with Nick Skrepetos, the author of SUPERAntiSpyware about current threats, user awareness, and Windows 8 spyware. Benjamin takes a few moments to talk about securing your wireless, and what some of the items in the router configuration mean, and then Deb Shadovitz joins in to talk about the different costs for phone and internet service in other countries. Benny Rockwell reviews Assassins Creed 3, and Benjamin closes out this weeks show by lamenting the manipulation and micromanagement of information used by both sides in this latest election campaign, noting that it’s going to get worse.