So you might be trying to figure this all out.  What would cause a syndicated radio show host to take a razor to his head and shear off the hairstyle that has stuck with him since he mastered the usage of the comb in his early teens???  We’ll get to that in a moment…

It’s easier for me to start off by drawing attention to the picture that’s part of this article.  This picture show 5 guys, and I’d like to share who each of them are, as it’s important to the story of what we are all currently dealing with.

Front Row (left to right)

  • Benny – His hair is down to a “1” on the shears.  He couldn’t go any shorter than that, as his boss noted that he is in a high visibility position dealing with customers.
  • Myself (Benjamin Rockwell) – I’m a computer nerd, so I got to go cue-ball.  Perhaps they already expect me to be a little odd… or perhaps it’s because my hair was thinning so much that many folks might not even notice.  No matter the choice, it’s all gone.

Back Row (left to right)

  • Bill – Greg’s father, and my brother-in-law… and his hair hasn’t been this short since he was 14.  I can only attest to the past 25 or so years…  but it was curly and long.
  • Greg – We’ll get to him in a moment.
  • Rob – Marine extraordinaire, and fellow computer enthusiast / nerd…  his wife oversaw the styling.

Greg has cancer.

I won’t go into a whole lot of details other than the fact that he’s in for a long haul of chemotherapy (that started on Monday).  We had a haircut party for him on Sunday, and we’re here to support him through everything he’s going through.  I’ve committed to shaving my head for as long as he’s in chemotherapy, and until his hair returns.  If he doesn’t grow his back, then I’m out of luck, and will simply continue on supporting him in his decision.  Greg’s 23 years old, and this is something that nobody should go through alone, and we’re all there for him, standing beside him, being there for him when it all gets rough, and helping him through acts of kindness, prayer, and support.

We ask that you pray that the doctors would be skillful and wise, that Greg would be strong and patient, and that all who surround Greg will weather the turmoil that accompanies cancer.

Your donations to Livestrong and the American Red Cross (including platelets, just like I do every other week) can go to help the many folks who struggle through cancer.  I’m sure that you will appreciate it as well.