Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting February 2nd, 2013. Our faithful nerd host, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the news of the past week, including YouTube adding pay channels, unlocking your phone, Netflix and Hulu series, new government lie detectors, and more. Benjamin then launches into Winter NAMM coverage, by noting what the North American Music Merchant’s show is about, then interviewing Garrick from He then takes a trip to the Casio booth where he hears a brand new keyboard, and reminisces about his older keyboard. Deb Shadovitz joins and talks about music on the iOS devices, and Benjamin interviews a do-it-yourself MIDI kit company called Livid Instruments. Benjamin also interviewed IK Multimedia on a number of their products for musicians.  Steve Keske then joins and gives a background on the short history of recorded music. Benjamin then talks about microphones and interviews Blue Microphones, before closing out this weeks show about noting how music surrounds our lives.  

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