Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting February 9th, 2013. Our nerd glasses wearing host, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the news of the past week, including a manifesto posted online, online sales threatening traditional stores, the FCC plans for free wireless everywhere, and more. Benjamin then interviews Sarah Downey from Abine about privacy concerns and how they are changing our world, then Deb Shadovitz joins (from a remote island in Panama) to talk about picture tips, especially on iOS or other tablet devices. Benjamin then answers a question about Skype privacy settings, before talking about the lackluster performances of tech companies at the Superbowl this year. Benjamin then continues with his own thoughts about the fairness doctrine being applied again, and how that could impact even a non-political show like Computer Talk Radio. Steve Keske then joins to talk about some new inventions coming for the blind, before Benjamin closes by noting the Postal Service closing on Saturdays, and how technology killed the concept of old-fashioned mail.

As always, the podcast holds even more than the notes list above, and the online playback below…

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