Tech Review – Pogo Connect

  • Multiple pen options available.
  • Used them for drawing, signatures on credit card apps, etc
  • Pogo Connect takes this to a new level, where differences in your pressure can change how the pen prints a line on the page. Thick or skinny, with flair and more… Like a calligrapher, or an artist with a paintbrush.
  • Size of a sharpie pen, and has a AAA battery to power it.
  • Uses the latest low power Bluetooth options to avoid a drain on the battery.
  • Works with about 20 applications each with their own varying compatibility issues.
  • I use Paper 53, which I’ve used for a while as a quick drawing app for when I want to show people things on paper without using paper. I can then keep those items for a while in case I want to reference them later. I can also forward the pages to people via email, which is another great feature.
  • The pen works fairly nice for general usage, and I imagine that it could be quite useful for someone who wanted to do art with it.
  • The price point is a little scary for some, as it reflects a lot of price with few added features. With Paper 53, I can change the pressure that I am using, and I can use the button for undo, but it seems like there should be more than just this in the mix.
  • Still, I find that I grow more and more used to it each day that I carry it, and I went back into the house the other day when I forgot the pen.

3 1/2 Glasses out of 5