Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting March 9th, 2013. Our favorite nerd and host of the show, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the news of the past week, including Google’s enticement to go to the moon, DHS drones designed to do all kinds of evil things, Texas bills to protect resident rights, and more. Benjamin then interviews Dariush Derakhshani, an author in the world of 3D rendering (, about some of the things that people can do with their computers in the world of graphics. Benjamin then answers questions from Mark (about making his computer run faster), and Jackie (about what the function keys are and what they do). Deb Shadovitz joins in next and Benjamin and Deb talk about the concept of a smart watch, and explore the thoughts behind if it’s such a good idea or not. Benjamin then brings John Curran from, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, on air to talk about IPv4 and the new IPv6, and how it affects companies and website owners everywhere. Steve Keske then joins Benjamin with another Goofy Geeky Gadget Corner where they talk about some new items that have come along, before Benjamin closes with commentary on the latest Pew Research Center revelations that polls based on pseudo-science of what people are talking about on Twitter or Facebook may not actually be accurate, and how we should ignore the results of many of these polls.

Another 20 minutes is added into the podcast, downloadable here…


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