Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting March 16th, 2013. The bald guy with the computer nerd glasses, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the computer and tech news of the past week including the banning of Google Glass, privacy invasions, Biden staff forcing pictures to be removed from an iPhone, and more. Benjamin then talks about recent issues where scammers are using online job hunters for money, evil ways, and more, and how you can avoid being taken for a ride. Steve Keske then joins in to talk about new advances on the medical front, like eliminating color blindness and more, before Benjamin reviews a product called the Bobine, a new metal sheathed Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad charging cord that’s a successful Kickstarter project. Benjamin then talks about Disk Defragmentation, and whether it’s still needed, how to do it, and when to do it. Deb Shadovitz joins in and talks about computer passwords, and how the length can seriously affect your security (and references an online password quality checker), before Benjamin closes by commenting on how the government agencies aren’t thinking things through about making our lives harder, and how Obamacare forms are like filing your taxes on a long form.

More audio is in the podcast…

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