Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting March 23rd, 2013. The nerd glasses and a bald head (yeah, we can still rib him over it), Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the nerdy news of the past week including Facebook postings getting parents in trouble, the Washington Post wanting a blogger to crank out a dozen articles daily, Samsung’s foray into smartwatch territory and more. Benjamin then talks with Nick Skrepetos, the creator of SUPERAntiSpyware, about the latest in threats, hacks, scams, and more. Benjamin then covers how everyone needs to review their recovery methods and plans for important computer files, especially photos. Deb Shadovitz joins Benjamin to discuss how pundits are trying to say what Apple should be doing, where they may be going right or wrong with that advice, and a few insights on where she’d like to see Apple take their ideas further. Benjamin then spends a moment discussing if Tablet’s are going to take over, and reflects upon the current direction of standard desktop and laptop hardware. Steve Keske turns his eyes towards history, specifically choosing a year at random, 1959, to discuss what happened in that year, before Benjamin closes the week’s show by exploring the concept of how Google’s Glass project may be bad for us in other ways, like replacing our thought processes with simply granting of access to the answers, and how that may hurt us.

More content is available in the podcast that will be posted soon as well…

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