Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting April 6th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, the show host, opens with the news highlights in nerddom of the past two weeks, including the hack of a Bitcoin bank, new essay grading software from MIT, the State of Washington and a new bill infringing on privacy, and much more. Benjamin then welcomes Katherine Albrecht on the show and they chat about privacy loss coming from various places like Google, and how different alternatives are coming forward (like to help keep people safe from being treated like numbers. Steve Keske then joins Benjamin to talk about some new advances in helping folks with disabilities through technology, then Benjamin reviews a new music cable kit from IK Multimedia. Benjamin then answers a question from Carol about noises from her computer (and explains a few different possible noises that listeners might troubleshoot). Deb Shadovitz then covers the important things about tax season, with some notes about filing, dealing with privacy issues, and explains why she’s not filing her taxes using online methods.

A few more items are covered in the podcast, which is usually updated about a week after broadcast.