Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting April 27th, 2013. Our trusty nerd, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the tech news highlights of the past week, including Microsoft’s upcoming changes to Windows 8, Internet sales tax, CISPA, privacy, a Facebook horror, and more. Benjamin then covers something fun, fonts, typography, and how we look at the look of the letters and words that we read before addressing the concept of why you need to seriously consider paying for antivirus software. Benjamin then talks about standing desks and reviews an item called the WorkEZ Executive which allows you to examine the concept without spending a fortune. Benjamin then answers a question from Scott, who had a problem with power supplies, and needed info regarding wattage. Then he addresses questions from a few folks, one about where to donate old computer equipment, then another one on drivers, and Benjamin suggests Steve Keske then focuses on vision, and how games can be used for people who need eye exercises, then Benjamin closes with a quick note as to if Microsoft’s latest changes to Windows 8 may be enough to save the company.