Tech Review – LED Lenser P3 AFS P

  • This review is for a new category that I kind of want to touch on, as folks ask me what I use when I’m fixing computers.  Lots of different things, from USB drives, to pocket knives, to screwdriver sets, and more.  Right now, we start with the one that will light our way…
  • Flashlights are a necessity for nerds.
  • Looking under desks, dropping items everywhere in all kinds of environments, responding to power outages, looking in closets, attics, and more.
  • A flashlight is always key… simply put.
  • I’ve used a popular flashlight, that has a large following in all kinds of places for years.  The thing is decently priced, but it’s never really amazed me.  It’s a utilitarian thing that you simply have on hand.
  • I had this box arrive on my desk, and I opened it up, and as I unboxed this… well, frankly a presentation of a flashlight, I was amazed.
  • The LED Lenser P3 AFS P arrived with everything that I needed to start using right away without going for something else.
  • Belt pouch, pocket clip, lanyard, keyring, battery… and I think there were instructions, but I didn’t read them.
  • I put the battery in, turned it on, then promptly did the stupid thing of shining it in my eyes.  I’ve done that before with LED flashlights that run on 2 or 3 batteries and never erally had a problem.  This thing literally put a nice little blind spot in my right eye for about a minute…  wow.
  • As a tech, I love the brightness, the white color of the LED, and the focus ring….
  • In the past, I’d have to have two hands to work my tech flashlights…  but the switch on the back (momentary or on/off) and the focus ring that slides back and forth by stretching your fingers apart (it’s hard to explain)…  ROCKS.
  • So far, I’ve used this every time that I needed a flashlight for the past month, and it’s going to be my camp light as I go on retreat this weekend.
  • I know it will survive, as I’ve already given it some abuse…  enough so that I’m giving it a special place…
  • In 5 years, I’ve labeled very few things as perfect…  the last one was over a year ago…  5 out of 5 nerd glasses!!!
5 out of 5 nerdy glasses

5 out of 5 nerdy glasses