Tech Review – Munitio Nines

  • I’m cautious to review audio equipment as this is a computer show, but people frequently look for something better for their iPods and iPhones than the norm.
  • Headphones are very tricky part of technology, and ear-buds that much more-so.
  • Some audio is personal preference, and there are categories that specialize in heavier or lighter bass response.
  • The brand Beats (sponsored by Dr. Dre) is a particularly bass heavy brand, catering to the younger market.
  • I frequently choose between different sets of headphones or earphones for different listening purposes, based on the environment, and the music choices.
  • I’ve long been disappointed in earbuds, with either a lack of bass (harsh tinny sound), or so much bass that your ears tire from the onslaught of thunderous sounds.
  • Munitio Nines is a company that I came across at CES and caught my eye, as I thought that they had laid out some ammo on the table.  It’s not politically correct, but these earbuds look like the back of 9mm pistol ammunition.
  • As I took a moment to look, I noted that I unfortunately had an ear infection while at CES, and it wouldn’t be a fair listen. They said no problem, and handed me a set of their earbuds to take back and try out when I was healthy.
  • I sat down this week, and began the unpacking experience, plugging the KEVLAR cord into my iPhone and prepping up my reference song…  even knowing that the sound wouldn’t even out until they had been “broken in” for a while.
  • The song opens with a bassline, which came through warm and clean, and amazed me with the mostly accurate and faithful representation of sound as if there were subwoofers present and ringing out cleanly in the room.  The rest of the band joined in, and I realized that it was nowhere near the mud that I would normally wade through.
  • They are a bit bass heavy, but measuring in pounds, not in tons, like many other entries in the market.
  • Slight reduction in the “air” sound, but that may come from being used to the tiny and tinny sound in normal earbuds, or a lack of the burn-in.
  • Soundproofing for the room around is amazing, and would work well on an airplane flight while being small enough for carry-on.
  • This decidedly politically incorrect set of headphones may raise some eyebrows at the TSA, but they will definitely join me on my next flight, as I don’t look for a gentle sound that’s open, but something that will keep out the engine noise, and I can rock out for a while.
  • Carrying case contains added ear hooks for strenuous activities
  • Will not replace normal headphones, but from the perspective of serious level ear-buds, they are amazing.
  • Leakage outside of the headphones is low, and when I removed them, I noted that they didn’t seem as loud as normal, so they might work well in a quiet office.
  • High end sound with a high end price ($170), but they beat any kind of noise cancelling headphones.
  • Suitable for anyone who likes “classic rock”, 70’s, 80’s music…  or someone who would like to get a little more bass sound without drowning in it.
4 1/2 out of 5 nerdy glasses

4 1/2 out of 5 nerdy glasses