Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting May 18th, 2013. Our nerd host, Benjamin Rockwell, recovering from the flu just in time, leads with the computer and tech news highlights, including ITAR (and the Liberator pistol), an Angry Birds Movie (in 3D), a woman who decided to research her son’s gunshot wound on the Internet, and more. Deb Shadovitz joins Benjamin next, and they explore the issues of the decay in decency, brought on by the abilities that have been granted to us by technology, from embarrassing photos and videos, to the overreaching by governments, and more. Avoiding the singular item of Google Glass, but addressing the entire subject as a whole as a downfall in society to think about the long term applications of technological advances by ourselves, we seemingly have moved to a new level of rude behaviors that eclipse generations before us. Benjamin then answers questions for Allyson (about Skype), and Lance about mirrored drives, and utilizing them in a new computer. Next up, Benjamin reviews the xPrintServer from Lantronix, a device that enables AirPrint on printers that are not AirPrint ready. Benjamin then takes a question from Ron about a printer problem… grinding away when it should be quiet… and the various options for replacing his printer now that it’s possibly dead. Steve Keske then joins in to talk about how we need to keep the elderly generations enabled and connected with technology without leaving them behind. Benjamin closes the show with commentary about how he addressed issues while he was out sick with the flu… because he couldn’t disconnect completely, but he set expectations for those that called him first and foremost when answering the phone.

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