xPrintServer from Lantronix

These are my bullet points… actual wording may vary on the the radio!

  • A couple years back, Apple introduced the print capability to iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads (iOS 4.2 and above)
  • The problem is that there are still a number of printers out there that you can’t print to. Only newer ones that have come out recently enough to be included, and so forth.
  • Printer lifetimes are growing these days due to better printers, price points that can’t justify another $300-500 or more just to add printing.
  • Enter the xPrintServer from Lantronix.
  • $100 device that’s mostly painless and simple to setup. Three ports… network, power, and the USB to the printer… but if there is a network printer already, it’ll recognize it readily. If you have multiple printers for USB, it’ll handle up to 8 USB, and 2 network printers.
  • I interviewed these guys back at CES, and had to see this for myself, and upon seeing it, I was highly impressed.
  • The only downside… it’s not for everyone. Not all of us need to print from our iPad or iPhone, but I want you to imagine the power and capability of doing so.
  • Recipes? Shopping Lists? Web pages? E-mails? These all come in on our iPads, and the xPrintServer does bring the iPad closer to the point of replacing the laptop or netbook in the home.
  • In the business marketplace, there’s power in enabling your employees to be able to print, especially in the BYOD market, in retail, and more.
  • Lantronix also has a business version that will handle unlimited printers, which is great for a large company like where I work.
  • It’s pricey for what it does, and therefore, not for everyone… but for those who need it, it’s well worth it.
4 1/2 out of 5 nerdy glasses

4 1/2 out of 5 nerdy glasses