Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 15th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our guy behind the computer keyboard, starts off the show with the news of the week, including hashtag usage everywhere and on Facebook, Staples offering 3D printers, the Microsoft store, and more. Deb Shadovitz then joins Benjamin for a while in regards to the Apple World Wide Developer Conference, and the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Some of the news covered by Deb includes the latest announcements from Apple in regards to their (non-iPhone) products, including the Macbook, iOS, and more. Deb also covered a few games from E3 and their announcements there. Then Benjamin answered a question from George about DVRs, and if the data can be archived off to other devices, and Charlie asked about alternative repair options of a broken iPad screen other than through Apple. Steve Keske then joins in to talk about the innovations in technology that people haven’t thought about in a while. Benjamin closes with a commentary about how the latest items like the WWDC, and E3 needed to take second place to family, but issuing a challenge to listeners to consider the same about caring for the people in front of them instead of the technology in their hands.

Additional show audio is available on the podcast (see podcast section on right)…

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