Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 22nd, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, the guy behind the microphone (and glasses), starts off the show with quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Ayn Rand, and examining the latest issue of how our privacy is being eroded by the NSA, the US Government, and our lives are being documented far more than we would ever expect. This is a weighty issue, and can be divisive, as people debate what the government should and should not do in regards to examining our activities. Privacy’s relation to computers and technology is highly important for us to make sure that the answers are correct. Benjamin then continues the topic of privacy and government intrusion on our lives with George Lambert (who is exploring a run for Governor of New Hampshire (whose motto is “Live Free or Die”)). Benjamin then has Bennet Kelley from the Internet Law Center, and they discuss some of the aspects of Snowden, NSA, the program called PRISM and more. Then Benjamin spends time talking about journalists who are behind bars in other countries, and how even legitimate bloggers who are journalists, are under threat. Steve Keske joined Benjamin to discuss his approach on the topic of Snowden and how privacy concerns may not be all that big for some people. Benjamin closes out by commenting on our privacy concerns and issues sometimes get thrown by the wayside when we decide to publish all aspects of our lives on Facebook or Twitter.

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