Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 29th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, the man with the nerd knowledge, opens with the tech news of the last week, including Windows 8.1 (aka Windows Blue), software preventing the 3D printing of guns, Gettysburg’s 150th anniversary, and more. Benjamin then brings on Sean Bailey from Ballistic Case, and talks about the issues for creating ultra durable cases for your smartphones, including the new waterproof cases¬†as well. Deb Shadovitz then brings on Keith Nothacre from BACtrack¬†breathalyzer, a device that allows you to measure your blood alcohol content levels – through your iPhone. Benjamin then answers a listener question from Franco about privacy, and Julie had a problem with booting up her computer. Steve Keske then joins in with his Goofy Geek Gadget Corner, and Benjamin and Steve continue with some of the crazy inventions that have arrived on the scene. Benjamin then closes by noting that a problem 150 years ago, not sitting down and communicating honestly together (The Civil War -or as some prefer- The War of Northern Aggression), was being repeated today (lack of face-to-face communications)

Additional content is in the podcast (located to the right side of your screen)…

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