Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting July 6th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our friendly nerd, starts off the show announcing that this week he’s answering questions, responding to comments, and just finding out what you want to hear on Computer Talk Radio. Benjamin starts with a response to Nancy both about the Skype bombing of the George Zimmerman trial, but also how to fix the problem. Then he moves to Tony about appliances connecting to the Internet, and if they can or will provide audio/video access to outside parties, as well as other related privacy issues. Pierce then has a problem in regards to telemarketing calls, and wants to stop them. Deb Shadovitz then covers a question answered for Carrie about caching and other settings in her browser. Benjamin then turns the table on Deb and asks her a question about web page programming, and what web browsers she uses when creating websites to determine how well it looks on different platforms. Then Benjamin answered a question about troubleshooting monitors and video cards when they have problems, and about how monitors work. Steve Keske then answers questions from Francine about his age, Phil about government access to emails and information even if deleted, and another Steve about scripting languages. Benjamin then closes by answering a question from Julian about how to trust information on the Internet, and what to trust, and so forth.

More questions are also answered on the podcast (available to the right)…

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