Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting August 3rd, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, the guy behind the microphone (and glasses), starts off the show with the news of the week like the near miss of a massive solar flare (that could cripple electronics), Google Glass banned in UK while driving, and DHS losing track of data. Benjamin then spends some time introducing the concept of DEFCON and the Black Hat conference, as he’s going to spend some time next week talking about the information from these conferences. After that, a listener question from Ignacio (aka Nacho) about how formatting a hard drive may or may not leave data behind that is recoverable. Benjamin then reviews a product of the future of accessing your computer, called the Leap Motion (hint: it’s more awesome than you might believe!). Then Benjamin answers a listener question about reset of passwords by techs, and Roslin’s question about scanner misfeeds. Steve Keske then joins in, and they spend some time covering some light stuff about Murphy’s laws for computers. Benjamin then closes on how far we’ve sunk as a society, when an app is offered that will send a Dear John letter for you.

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