Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting August 10th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our friendly nerd host, starts off the show with this weeks nerd news, including Jeff Bezos (of Amazon fame) purchasing the Washington Post, DEFCON, Blackhat, and the NSA, network neutrality, and more. Benjamin then goes more in depth with the specifics from DEFCON and Blackhat, two big conferences that take plate at this time of the year in Las Vegas. He then admits that he has explored further into computer systems than he should have, and takes a moment to note why he follows the world as close as he does. Deb Shadovitz then jumps in to discuss microloans, small little websites that help others make businesses, or improve on their existing ones. Then Benjamin takes a listener question from Doris about the difference between sleep, hibernate and powering off. Steve Keske and Benjamin discusses the concepts of smarter cars, and the interconnectivity of cars that may be coming sooner than you might imagine. Benjamin then closes out the show talking about how we may not need to worry about the NSA specifically spying on us as individuals… even if our government does want to.

Check out the podcast, available down and to the right, for even more segments…

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