Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting September 28th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our nerd and friend, begins the show with the news of the week like the Netflix Emmy, Blackberry’s future, FAA and inflight electronics, and more. Benjamin then welcomed Susan Ruiz and Bethany Finch, the daughter and granddaughter of Harold L. Finch. Harold L. Finch has a number of nerdy items in his background, including being famous for being part of Apollo 13 (the mission, not the movie, but his famous BBQ Roll was mentioned in the movie). They discussed some of the background of nerddom, how it continues through generations, and more, including a movie that Harold Finch put together that includes a science, fiction, and something even more. Check out to see it. Deb Shadovitz then joins in with Gene Gilbert from G-Technology to discuss some of the issues pertaining to SSD drives that might make you want to stop and rethink the SSD craze. Then Benjamin then answers questions for Scott and his frustrations with browser updates, and Julie and problems with Windows 8 and Dropbox. Steve Keske then joins in with a Goofy Geeky Gadget Corner, with some unique new items available. Benjamin then closed on a question that came from a listener about e-mails being the bearer of good news or bad news, and if that’s a good idea.

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