Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting October 5th, 2013. Our nerd host, Benjamin Rockwell, starts as always, highlighting the nerdier news of the week, like the latest stats on technophobes, Apple being the highest ranked brand, overuse of texting, and more. Benjamin then welcomes Michael Muney and Deb Shadovitz for a conversation about ACT! (a software for tracking your contacts) that Michael Muney started in 1986, and how Michael has moved back around to the concept again with VIPorbit, a new level of connecting with the people that you need to on a business level. Benjamin answered a question from Chandra about false positives and false negatives when dealing with anti-virus (or anti-malware) software. Next up, Mark asked about using his iPhone as a scanner for legal documents in place of a physical scanner. Then Benjamin tackles a question from Tammy about streaming music, and Mac about Kindle purchases on the iPad. Steve Keske joins in to update on Khan Academy, a great free resource for people who wish to learn more about various education topics from English to Math to Physics, and more. Benjamin closes the show by noting how he is already planning out how his upcoming trip to Chicago for a few days is distinctly different from just a few years ago.

More is available in the podcast, available down and to the right…

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