Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting October 12th, 2013. The host and nerd, Benjamin Rockwell, begins the show with the nerdier news of the week, such as the Tikker Watch, the Advanced Healthcare Act website, Samsungs new curved display, and so much more. Deb Shadovitz joins Benjamin after the news to talk about the iBeacon, a product from Apple that competes with NFC (Near Field Communications). Benjamin then takes a question from Marshall about how long touch-screens last. Diane had a problem with Dropbox, and Benjamin jumped in with an answer for her as well. Then Benjamin answered George’s question in regards to migrating data from his old phone to his new one, and Andrea asked about dual-booting her computer. Steve Keske joined Benjamin to talk about robot cooking, and if we could have a computerized chef in the future. Benjamin closes out with a quick note in regards to crowd-funding products, and why he is reluctant to push new products or even cover them until they are real.

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