Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting October 19th, 2013. Our friendly nerd, Benjamin Rockwell, opens by noting he’s going to answer questions for the entire show. Carter asked a timely question about cyber bullying, and Benjamin covered some of the concerns about the concept, and Winter asked about the Twitter IPO. Sam asked about these commercials that offer programs that will fix your computers ills, and after answering the question, Benjamin promised to provide an in-depth checklist for you to do-it-yourself. Carla asked if eBay is a viable marketplace for buying and selling goods, and Jerry asked if people should buy cars off the Internet. Deb Shadovitz then joins in the answer game, and answers a question from Jerry and his old Mac, and video handling. Deb then answers Joan’s question about the iPhone transition from a Blackberry. Then Roddy asked if you could get radiation poisoning from a monitor, and Trevor asked how often to run anti-malware software scans. Justin then asks about the prospects for Internet Radio, and if he should invest. Benjamin closes by not answering a question directly… from Maki requesting he identify the best brand of laptop… and gives reasons why.

There’s a few more questions available in the podcast, available down and to the right…

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