Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting November 2nd, 2013. Our nerd host, Benjamin Rockwell, launches the weeks show with covering the tech and computer news of the week, including NSA spying, electronic devices approval during all phases of flight, health problems with tech, and more. Deb Shadovitz brings Jeff Goldberg of to discuss password retention software programs that help you keep track of the different passwords that you use for each website. Benjamin then answers Louis’ question in regards to hard drive formatting, full versus quick format, and more. Benjamin addresses Lucy’s question about music and the Apple software called Garage Band (available on Mac and iOS software). Then Benjamin answers Marcus’ question in regards to the Consumer Electronics Show and if it’s hype. Steve Keske then joins in and discusses the movie “The Matrix” and some of the leaps in science that have to be made. Benjamin closes out by lamenting how some nerds forget their social disconnect, and sometimes deliver the same treatment to each other, as the bullies have treated them in the past.

More audio is available down and to the right in the podcast section…

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