Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting November 9th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, the nerdy guy who likes to fix your computer, starts off with tech news from the past week including Google’s latest win in court, the continuing Affordable Health Care Act / Obamacare computer issues, including cyberbullying, Internet Kill Switch and more. Benjamin and Deb Shadovitz then have Dave Balsuto of on to discuss semi-professional and professional usage of iPads and iOS items. Benjamin answered a question from Penelope about podcasting, and how it all works. Steve Keske then joins Benjamin with the Goofy Geeky Gadget Corner, where they discussed some of the fun items that are coming through technology. Benjamin follows up on an e-mail from Tony about an advertisement for an inappropriate website that encourages cheating, and an extra commentary about the decline of society. Then Benjamin answers a question from Micah about IT Professionals finding and fixing problems brought on by high-level executives going into the bad spots on the Internet. Randall then had a question about how he got an e-mail that didn’t list his name, and Benjamin explained about the differences on To, CC, and BCC fields, and how they work. Benjamin’s closing commentary was sparked off by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister suggesting that we all take up the quest for a “Digital Sabbath”, a day off from technology once a week.

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