Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting January 25, 2014. Benjamin Rockwell, our host and nerd, starts off with the weeks computer news, including Microsoft Surface recent sales numbers, hackers hitting, and more. Benjamin then gives out a number of quick hints on helping your computer run a bit faster. Deb Shadovitz then joins Benjamin to talk a frequent topic… how the world has changed, and how a simple TV show illustrated the drastic change. Jesse Peloski comes on next, for a quick interview on how he’ll be talking small office and home office, as well as music, in coming shows. Benjamin follows with how contracts are starting to include technology like the Internet and more, in even mundane locations that you’d never expect. Then Benjamin takes a question from Amil about drivers, and how your computer interacts with them. Steve Keske joins in next to think and discuss history of computing, and considers some of the aspects that have come up over the years. Benjamin then closes out with a quick thought back over the past 6 years of Computer Talk Radio.

More audio is available in the podcast, down and to the right…

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