We have a new home… well, there’s so much to this, it’s more than just a simple item… but so little time to explain it.

Benjamin and his wife, Julie, as well as their 21 year old son… are moving within a stones throw of Disneyland. It’s a long journey that involved a lot of detours, planning, and taking actions that led to a great location. Still within Orange County, California, which is home to many of the top tech company headquarters within the world, Benjamin won’t let this change anything.

This also means that we’re adding new content and will feature information about how convergence is bringing not only the computer and television closer, but overall technology closer throughout our homes. The soft-pilot of the new CSI series (broadcast on April 30th, 2014) featured a smart-home that was in ways far more of a dream than a reality, but it still featured cool concepts and ideas that will bring technology closer.

It does mean that things have been slower than normal with updates to the website, questions have taken longer to be answered, and so forth, but it’s still an exciting time for the Rockwell’s and the rest of the team at Computer Talk Radio. Thank you all for your patience.