It was a cold night, and as we toiled over the strenuous activities of building yet another Computer Talk Radio show, Keith asked me why we didn’t do something that was a little more nerdy.  He went on to explain that this could serve as a bridge to understanding nerds, but also allow for both of us to release ourselves from some of the constraints of providing a show that was news and how-to’s.  Just as he finished his pitch, a bolt of lightning struck nearby, and the thunder rolled with an insistence that somehow we should do this.  We had to do this.

The Nerdcast has been developed to allow for us to continue with the same clean nature of Computer Talk Radio, but to extend away into the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, video games, the world of a technician, and yet of an enthusiast.  From movies to TV, from our past to our future, the Nerdcast is a chance to have fun, and explore new directions that may not always appeal to the average radio listener.

We suggest that you join us, however, and experience the fun, and perhaps you might even learn something new.

(Some of the above account has been dramatized.)