So, it’s not really free, but it’s using the same mechanism as the biggest same-day deliverer on the block, Amazon. So, instead of Amazon Prime, you purchase the Target version (which is hard to say on the radio, so I will spell it out… S.h.i.p.t.). Yeah, not a great name. Anyway, you pay $99 a year, and then get free delivery on an order over $35. But wait a second… with Amazon Prime you get free movies and TV, and some of it’s great, free book reading on your Kindle App, and a return policy that’s awesome. Perhaps not the best approach for Target to take.

Time was, Amazon led the way in pushing the e-commerce industry towards a consumer expectation that delivery should be free. Then came the push for a two-day delivery option, and now that Amazon is starting to move into an expansion of same-day delivery, its biggest retail competitors — like Walmar…

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