Another reason why “what you bought” isn’t really yours, and how your hard earned money can be lost. This is not a story of theft, as we discussed with Amazon, but a story of a server that will no longer be maintained. This article unfolds some of the deeper details, and then lays into Microsoft (you may have heard of this small little company) for not keeping the servers running. I’m not much for forcing Microsoft to keep it open, but they could have done a little bit better by all of us.

If you bought an ebook through Microsoft’s online store, now’s the time to give it a read, or reread, because it will stop working early July.

That’s right, the books you paid for will be literally removed from your electronic bookshelf because, um, Microsoft decided in April it no longer wanted to sell books. It will turn off the servers that check whether your copy was bought legitimately – using the usual anti-piracy digital-rights-management (DRM) tech – and that means your book can’t be verified as being in the hands of its purchaser, and so won’t be displayed.