Technology being used to select high performers is not a new concept. Still, it’s the next step towards training, improving, and bringing new skills along the way. One issue to be concerned about is with potential candidates who are not fully skilled with technology, or perhaps even fear it. Fortunately, Walmart currently does not use it as a disqualifier, simply an indicator of desired attributes.

The country’s largest employer is using a VR skills assessment as part of the selection process to find new middle managers, hoping to limit inherent bias in hiring decisions, increase diversity and reduce turnover in a tight labor market.

VR is a “touchpoint in our selection process. It’s not a disqualifier,” or a mandatory part of the promotion process, said Beth Nagel, Walmart human resources market manager for the Pittsburgh area, which is using the tool. So far “VR has substantiated what we as a manager see in someone as potential.”

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