This is something that we’ve already discussed on Computer Talk Radio to some extent. 5G phones and networks may be here, but the overall investment isn’t worth a plug nickel. The networks aren’t there, the signal distance is horrible, and the energy needed to to use 5G is battery wrenching. Perhaps with time, it’ll be worth something, but do we really need to download 2 hour movies in 10 seconds? What’s the point when it takes two hours to watch them?

I tested the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G using Verizon’s network in Providence and I learned one thing: We won’t be getting 5G in an iPhone anytime soon.

Apple will wait as long as it needs to. Much like it did with 3G and 4G, Apple would rather wait than rush to support the new hotness, especially when we’re talking about the all-important network connection. And right now it’s not there. It might be a long while before it is. So enjoy the iPhone 11’s triple-lens camera, reverse wireless charging, and everything else it brings. But if you want to see gigabit downloads, you’re going to have to stay indoors.