While initially promising, the finer print as you read further, points out that the privacy protections would be for a fee. So, you only deserve faux privacy if you fork over real money… which would still not really solve anything. Oh, but only the people who the government thinks can afford it, will have to pay. This is a promise that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Wyden’s “Mind Your Own Business Act” is the official version of a draft bill he circulated around to other members and consumer groups. The legislation would empower the Federal Trade Commission with new authorities to fine tech companies that violate user privacy and bolster the agency with more resources to better regulate the industry in the future.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter would also be required to offer “privacy-protecting” versions of their products for a fee. Interestingly, Wyden’s measure would extend the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program for low-income people to use to obtain these privacy-focused versions of products so “privacy does not become a luxury good,” as his office put it.