I’ve pondered about the restraint of Google for years. What started out years ago, as a simple premise, a search engine without ads and a motto of “Don’t Be Evil”, now has it’s two leaders stepping down. In my never so humble opinion, it’s way too late, as those ideals have been abandoned, and the elements of George Orwell’s nightmares given free reign and power. With the two major owners leaving power, what restraint will be left?

oogle co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping back from their day-to-day roles within the parent company, Alphabet, but plan to remain as board members and keep their ownership stakes.

The two tech billionaires said in a blog post Tuesday that they were ready to hand over the company reins to Sundar Pichai, who became CEO of Google in 2015 and will now take on the additional role of Alphabet CEO.

Found at www.nbcnews.com