A new term to match up to the many other bad terms that we have for bad software. In this case, fleeceware is out to take money from you, with your blessing, sorta. It’s a trick, similar to the games played to get you in the door, purchasing something that you want, but at a price far more than reasonable. We’ve seen this in retail, and now it’s in apps… but it also hits your bank account annually.

A SophosLabs investigation reveals fleeceware app publishers are also operating on Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads (also, as in they’ve been in Android stores for years).

Since we began writing last year about the consumer-hostile trend in mobile apps that we’re calling fleeceware, the number of apps we’ve discovered that engage in this practice have only increased. In the first two articles we wrote about fleeceware, we covered various Android apps in the official Play Store charging very high subscriptions for apps of questionable quality or utility.

Found at news.sophos.com