eSports may be the place we all go for our competitive fix for the next year or so. With F1 racecar drivers moving to that location, and other hints coming, this may be something that changes what we even could imagine for the tech world. This article is more about marketing of eSports, and the ads, but if enough people watch, the money will flow.
Viewership of esports may be booming right now, but the drastically slowed ad market has made capitalizing on that audience difficult.

Twitch racked up 1.1 billion hours watched last month, the largest amount of views in the gaming platform’s nine-year history. Even esports upstarts have enjoyed bumper audiences in the absence of live sports. Formula One’s debut esports virtual Grand Prix attracted 3.2 million online viewers, which peaked at around 359,000 concurrent streams across YouTube, Twitch and Facebook when it ran two weeks ago.

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