Imagine a cubicle for your home. It’s design is an undersized 3’x3′ claustrophobic space for making you feel oppressed. I looked over this $835 Komoru desk from Panasonic, and realized that Ikea will have better options with larger space, and probably half of the pricetag. I use 3 of those white 6′ portable plastic top tables from Walmart, and those give me far more space.

Panasonic is tapping into the booming remote-working culture spawned by the coronavirus pandemic, launching an office-style cubicle for you to install at home. Spotted earlier Tuesday by The Verge, Panasonic’s Komoru desk will provide a semi-private space about one meter square, with walls on two sides. The 88,000 yen (approx $835) cubicle is scheduled to go on sale Sept. 18.

Panasonic says 70% of respondents to its survey would like to continue working from home even after the pandemic is over, and 50% said they’ve set up their home office in the living room.

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