While our resident fanboy supports Apple offering their latest phone without a charger, Brazil sides with me. They have stated that Apple did not demonstrate any “environmental benefits”, and that the charger is essential for the use of the mobile device. To everyone, it’s clear that Apple’s latest changes did not meet expectations, and while sales will continue around the world, it’s not an approach that people tolerate for long.
The Procon-SP Foundation says that the charger is essential to be able to use the phone, they also mention that Apple has not shown that old chargers meet the same charging experience as a new one would offer. Nor has it been proven that the use of third-party chargers is not used as a way to evade the warranty by the company.

In addition, due to being a significant and important change in the way said product is marketed, since this device is usually sold with the charger, this modification should have been reported – which never happened – mentioned in its analysis by Procon-SP.