Two-factor authentication is usually used to protect you, but it’s also being used to protect companies. For years, it’s been to protect against hackers using your account, an indirect form of protection of the corporation. Netflix has introduced their new 2FA route, to ensure that you are using your Netflix account, not someone else’s. They have been lax for years, stating the requirements, but famously not enforcing them too stringently. This will likely lead to more subscriptions, a smooth move on their part, as they are the go-to for most cord cutters.

It’s a fact of life: Netflix passwords get shared. At this point, I’m pretty sure half of New York City has borrowed my Netflix password at one point or another, and so far, the streaming service has been rather nonchalant about password sharing. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has even gone on the record multiple times to say sharing a login is “a positive thing.”

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