Micron is a major semiconductor company, 4th largest in the US, 5th largest in the world. Their CEO noted this last week that multiple factors are lining up to spike the availability and therefore, the cost of chips, specifically memory (DRAM), and SSD and flash drives (NAND). If you need memory, or an SSD for your system, it’s time to start thinking about getting it now.
Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra has warned about a “severe shortage” of supply in the DRAM memory market, with the situation expected to worsen as the year progresses.

Speaking at an earnings conference call talking investors through the company’s Q2 results, Mehrotra said: “As a result of the strong demand and limited supply, the DRAM market is currently facing a severe undersupply, which is causing DRAM prices to increase rapidly. We see the DRAM market tightening further through the year.”