I’ve talked about Dark Patterns before, and DuckDuckGo is facing some problems recently. Google apparently has been doing some manipulations to get you to stop using DuckDuckGo extensions. Various pop-ups come up to “change back to Google search” and then giving an obvious “Change it back” button, and a subtle one to proceed. These tricks are prevalent in our lives and are getting worse. Be careful with anything you click on, and we’ll cover Dark Patterns again in the coming weeks to give you the big overview of what tricks various companies are using to manipulate your clicks.
Google is manipulating browser extensions to stifle competitors, DuckDuckGo CEO says
Google is already facing mounting legal challenges from regulators globally who accuse the tech giant of maintaining an illegal monopoly over its search and digital advertising businesses.

But now one of its most prominent rivals is alleging that the titan is abusing browser extensions to favor its products and stifle competitors, adding a new wrinkle to the high-stakes antitrust debate and momentum to calls for new regulation.

Found at www.msn.com